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Lyn(lyn) 先生
グループ:B Asian
チューター名 Lyn(lyn) 先生
性別 女性
生年月日 1980年4月1日
話せる言語 その他の英語国, スペイン語
興味・分野 日常会話, 発音指導, ビジネス英語, 文法指導, キッズ英語
自己紹介 Hi hajimemashite, I'm Ersalyn Ramos you can call me lyn!
I'm a Pilipina and i live in Metro Manila, Philippines. I graduated at Palawan State University major in Business Management, in Coron Palawan one of the beautiful place here in Philippines.
You see i finished management but i have a passion in teaching and i would love to share the knowledge i have.
I love to travel and explore different countries and learn their cultures i travelled and experience working in Dubai, Hongkong, Singapore and British Virgin Island in Carribean i also visited Paris and Malaysia.
I used to work and live in japan way back 2007, i do love your country i've learn a lot about the richness of your culture, amaze me of the greatness and the kindness of your people and lastly the place was wonderful that even today i remember every beautiful places that i visited.
I have knowledge of speaking japanese language and i think this is my advantage for me to be able to teach you and interact with you. I'm a jolly kind of person which will enable us to enjoy our time together as well as learning English.
Yes its true that the world would be a better place if people could understand each other better both language and culture!
It would be my pleasure to teach you, Let's learn English!

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  • ちょっと、緊張した感じでしたが、楽しい先生でした。

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