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Chay  先生
グループ:A New tutor
チューター名 Chay 先生
会社名 Freelance
性別 女性
生年月日 1981年12月7日
話せる言語 アメリカ・カナダ英語, その他の英語国
興味・分野 日常会話, 発音指導, ビジネス英語, 文法指導, キッズ英語
自己紹介 【日本語不可・講師歴2年以上】こんにちはチャリシーです。チャイと呼んでください。Hi! My name is Charisse but please call me Chai. Here is a little introduction.

I have lived in all the 3 major island groups here in the Philippines but I am now located in the Luzon area. I can speak a few regional Filipino languages because of where I have lived when I was growing up and where I studied University. I first started teaching basic and conversational English to a few Korean engineers who came to the Philippines specifically to learn English way back when I was still in University.

I also became a tutor to 2 grade school kids in their school subjects in the areas of Reading, Mathematics and Science. I started working in a call center in 2003 - 2007 for a North American travel company - and, first as customer service agent and later on Supervisor handling
call escalations. My English in both writing and speaking has been enhanced with this experience as our customer base were all North Americans.

I also worked as a regional recruiter specializing in the Japanese market in 2008 - 2009. Ever since 2009, I have been working as an online project manager in areas like customer service, social media and writing projects. I have many interests as well. I love food and blogging and as such I have created my own website at I also love photography and consider myself an amateur but always practicing. I love to read books of any genre as long as they capture my interest. I also love to travel as I believe that it enhances our outlook in other cultures and makes us better people.

I love coffee and milk teas. I love Japanese food and very interested in the Japanese culture. I look forward to visiting Japan during a Hanami festival. Would love to learn more about Japan, their culture and look forward to making new friends.

フィリピンの3つの主な島に住んでいたことがあるのですが、現在はルゾン地域に住んでいます。 色々なところで育って来たので、フィリピンの方言をいくつか話せます。

授業内容 Discuss about a topic of your choice (or my choice).
In the discussion (conversation), I would like to help you:
increase ways of expression in English by providing you opportunity to express one idea in variety of ways, and improve your vocabulary and conversational skills.
主な授業時間帯 Thursday afternoon 16:00 - 18:00
Friday afternoon 16:00 - 18:00
Saturday morning 11:00 - 12:00

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  • 凄く感じがいいし、話し易い先生です。話も上手だし、盛り上がるし、楽しいレッスンです。

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